Let the Games Begin…

Sarah had a really good idea for a fun competition for us to do.  Kind of like the Iron Chef.  She suggested that David give us a list of ingredients and we each have to make a whole meal using just those ingredients.  Obviously, given the 6,000 mile space between us, it will be hard to judge whose food is better, but we will each write about what we made and the reviews given to it by those who taste it. Bonus points for anything that any of our kids eat!

David may or may not have taken his role a tiny bit too seriously…here is the email we recieved from him this morning:

Good morning contestants. I would like to introduce you to the official first round of the Six Thousand Mile International Pre-set Cook-off or STMIP-SC-O!! (applause)

The goal for tonight’s competition is to make a minimum of a three course meal only using the listed ingredients. Water, spices (dried), or cooking style may be implemented at your desire. However, any deviation from the program will result in immediate disqualification and public ridicule.

Once the competition begins you must complete all cooking in once session. And ALL ingredients MUST be used. Any additional courses or dishes will result in an increased score and will be looked upon favorably. Most of the rules were sent to you yesterday by the Contestant from North Jersey, so please review them before commencing. All cooking must me done in a Kosher style resting only on the Cooks Honor Code. Remember, this is only round one so pace yourselves.

Please contact the official international judge if you have any variance questions.

Todays ingredients are:

Cornish Hen
Beef shoulder
Garlic – not spice
Olive oil
Paprika – Moroccan
Red wine – royal wine (merlot or cab)
Fresh basil
Kidney beans
Lemon juice
You may begin shopping immediately and email the other contestant and the designated International STMIP-SC-O Judge upon the start of your cooking session.


All my best,
David – International STMIP-SC-O Judge

Wish us luck…not allowed to use any written recipes or google or any websites so I’m a little scared…


2 Comments to “Let the Games Begin…”

  1. You guys are too cute. I love the idea!! Have a great time! You’re making me hungry, and in the mood to watch Julie and Julia again…

  2. I would be scared too! Can’t wait to see what you guys came up with! Love the idea!

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