Comfort Food

In an effort to make my sister feel bad…I mean inspire her to write something…I am posting 2 days in a row!

Since it’s Winter (and I use the term “winter” loosely as it’s been sunny and in the 60’s-70’s here, other than today when it has been raining on and off), it is important to eat delicious comfort foods, such as Tuna Noodle Casserole.  I was really in the mood for that today, so I went to my favorite source and found this recipe.

I just made it now when I got home from work and it’s in the oven, so I hope it tastes as good as the recipe sounded.

I’m pretty sure my sister the food snob does not approve of tuna noodle casserole (unless it’s called something fancy and has fresh tuna not from a can and home-made pasta), but in a rare move for me, I grated my own cheddar to put in it! I’ll admit, that’s only because David bought all the ingredients and he actually goes to the cheese counter and gets good cheese while I would have just bought a bag of grated whatever they had.

Here’s proof that I actually grated:

And here’s what it looked like right before going in the oven:

And as a bonus, I took the leftover chunks of cheese, grated a little bit of them, mixed with cucumber and put some balsamic vinegrette on top and ate it for a snack…yum! And I may or may not have drunk (drank? drunken? what is the right word??) the dressing that was left in the bottom of the bowl.


4 Comments to “Comfort Food”

  1. I actually love tuna noodle casserole, so there! But I am proud of you for choosing a recipe that does not include canned cream of mushroom soup or onion soup mix!

  2. Tell David that he can get the fancy cheese counter cheese grated so his wife doesn’t have to do it. The word is “megurat” – I like the fresh cheese counter cheese too but hate cleaning the grater!

  3. I loooovvvvee tuna casserole, some of my kids just started liking it too, so all these years I would just make it for myself, now I have to share. That salad looks great too. Arica is right, you should totally have David buy the cheese Megurad from the cheese counter- .Let me know if there are leftovers!!

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