Salmon for a Good Cause

I don’t know what my sister’s excuse is, but I haven’t written anything in a while because I haven’t actually cooked anything in a while!  I did finally cook yesterday so I have something to write about now…

Recently, a friend e-mailed that she was organizing meals for a local family-the mother has cancer and they are a family of 4 with two young children.  I was scheduled to make them a meal for today, so for once in my life I decided to be organized and make everything yesterday so that they would actually have the food on time.  She is avoiding carbs and loading up on protein, so I thought I’d make fish.

I often use, a site that I started using when we first moved to Israel 3 1/2 years ago.  I hadn’t brought any of my cookbooks with me and I’m not good at making up recipes, so I was always looking online for good things to make.  That site became my go-to place.  I save the recipes I like in my e-mail, so I searched my e-mail for “salmon” and found a recipe for garlic salmon that I had actually never made before.  I bought 2 big filets and figured I’d make one for us too–glad I did as it came out great!

Here’s how it looked as I was making it-before I did anything to it:

After adding the spices (salt, pepper, garlic, fresh dill):

And the lemon slices:

I didn’t take a picture of it when it came out the oven, but it looked pretty and tasted great too!


One Comment to “Salmon for a Good Cause”

  1. Looks tasty! I also go online all the time searching for easy, yummy, dinner ideas- can’t wait to see the next blog!

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